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If you own an Ecommerce, Business, Blog, Newsletter, Directory, Classified, Event or Membership website and your website is not performing as well as you need it to, you will want to pay close attention to what I am about to share with you.

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Hi, I'm Phil Basten. My partner Jane and I have been developing services for our members and helping them succeed online for more than 21 years.

I am excited about a new service we have been testing out on our sites. It is a marketing technique many marketers overlook. Still, it is critically important if you want a regular flow of organic search buyers for your products and services.

So, how does this new service work?

We connect your websites with other sites willing to link to you, and these sites send you continuous buyer traffic over time!

Now some of you may be thinking, what is a backlink?

When another website notices that your site has something valuable to offer their visitors and they link to your site, this is called a backlink.

Get started today from only $67

Look at any of the top websites on the internet, and you will find that many of them have massive numbers of backlinks (sites linking to them).

  • FACEBOOK (61.8 billion)
  • LINKEDIN (12.8 billion)
  • AWEBER (131.7 million)
  • HOSTGATOR (10.2 million)

At least that's the way it works if you do it right, but there's a problem people often overlook.

You and I will not be able to get massive numbers of backlinks like this, we simply don't have the budget. But even a few hundred to a few thousand can make a dramatic difference in rankings, and this helps when people search on the keywords you are trying to rank.

Let me give you an example.
Let’s say you are trying to rank for the keyword VACATIONS. There is enormous competition for this word. You could compete with thousands of sites.

So how do the search engines choose which sites to rank higher?

They look for sites with the most quality backlinks and then rank them higher in the results because they see them as more valuable.

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Now not all backlinks are equal.

70-80% of website backlinks are useless as Ugg boots on a camel. You want to get backlinks from popular sites and get lots of visitors.

Many people spend a lot of time getting backlinks and then stop. They fail to take the next two steps. We developed this exclusive done4u service around a proven formula to solve this problem for you.

We call it the B.I.B. formula!

No, I am not talking about going to a fancy restaurant and having some hi-end waiter slap a bib on you. Nor am I talking about a mom putting a bib on a toddler.

I am talking about-


That's right. Building backlinks to your websites using the proven B.I.B formula is a sure-fire way to get more buyer traffic, and lots of it, 

Get started today from only $67
What is a backlink? Simply put, backlinks are websites that link back to your website. But these are not enough on their own. You need more than just link quantity and quality; you need to get your website backlinks indexed by the search engines, which leads us to -
Super-fast indexing. Your website can overflow with backlinks, but they won't do much good if the search engines don't index them. We can get up to 95% of your links indexed, but that's not all. There is one more ingredient that you need for an active campaign.
We boost your links. Boosting supercharges your links. First, we tweet your URLs and get them social juice. Then we use bookmarking sites, RSS aggregators, authority blogs, web 2.0 properties, and more to increase your link juice and get them noticed fast.
And there you have it.

A powerful, fully done4u, backlinks, indexing, and boosting service designed to get you loads of buyer traffic.

We use the same technique leading SEOs have used for years to rank their clients' websites. It's the same process that the top search engines recommend. Oh, and before I forget. These backlinks are permanent links. They never expire.

But the best part of this service is - We take care of everything for you!
Are you ready for more buyers?
If you had more buyers for your products and services, you could,
  • You could take your family on a much-needed vacation you promised them.

  • You could cruise the Caribbean on a luxury ship.

  • You could relax in the warm sun on the beach or take your family to Disneyworld.

  • You could start and grow an emergency nest egg for those unexpected bills.

  • You pay off your existing bills or mortgage and become debt free.
  • You could take your loved one to a fancy restaurant and have a fun time together.

  • You could grow your business with search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.

  • You could invest and set aside money for your children's college education.

  • You could go on a second honeymoon to an exotic destination.

  • Or it could be something as simple as buying yourself some nice clothes.
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Let's review what we will do for you!
  • First, we'll take your website link and deliver 100 backlinks daily. We do this daily, so it looks natural.

  • Next, we'll get your website indexed by Google and other leading search engines using fast-track indexing tools.

  • Finally, we'll boost your website link by giving it social juice and submitting it to social bookmarking sites, authority blogs, microblogs, RSS aggregators, and lots more.
What kind of websites will this service work for?
  • Blog network links
  • Private blog network links
  • Social bookmarking websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Educational websites
  • Business websites
  • Niche websites
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Article sites
  • Forum profiles
  • Media websites
  • Entertainment websites
  • Infopreneur websites
  • Non-profit websites
It also works great for these sites.
  • Onyalist capture pages.
  • Profit from Free Ads blog pages.
  • FrontPage Mail KuleBuzz article links.
  • Custom links that you create at Itsylinx.
  • Sokule blog links.
  • Oodles Of Traffic Special Pages.
  • Viral Ads Depot custom pages.
We deliver backlinks from websites ranked up to PR5.
  • Web 2.0 blogs.
  • Micro Blogs.
  • Wiki Links.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • RSS Aggregators.
  • Twitter Postings.
  • Authority Blogs.
  • All are Google safe.
  • We use White Hat methods.
  • Your links never expire.
So, the bottom line is this -

If you own or control any website or link mentioned above and want to free up your time, you need this excellent service. Get started today!

Get started today from only $67

Imagine taking your wife or partner on a picnic any time you want.

Picture having a backyard barbecue and beer with your friends.

No matter what your favorite pastime is or what you love to do, you can do it all when you promote like an expert and let us do the work for you.

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According to one of the top SEO services online, a single backlink can cost between $5 and $400 per link, depending on the quality of the site linking to you, and that doesn't include indexing and boosting. With our service, you won't pay anything close to that, and we give you much more value and link juice power. Check out the prices below and be pleasantly surprised.

You get 100 backlinks for one website - delivered in one day. Your order includes indexing and boosting.
That's a crazy low 67 cents per backlink.
You get 300 backlinks for one website - 100 daily for three days. Your order includes indexing and boosting.
That's less than 43 cents per backlink.
You get 600 backlinks for one website - 100 daily for six days. Your order includes indexing and boosting.
That's less than 38 cents per backlink.
We will also add your website URL to Never-Ending-Traffic4u, so you get lifetime traffic from our network of websites.
If you have a website on a domain you own, we will also send you an SEO report on things you can do to improve your website rankings.
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