How long does it take to get my backlinks?

Depending on the number of backlinks you order, it can take from 4-7 business days to complete your order and send you the report.

How long do backlinks last?

Backlinks are forever links. They never expire. Once we have completed our posting, your links will keep getting your website the exposure it needs for years.

How long does it take to get my site indexed and boosted?

Indexing can take time because the search engines control this process. This process is a more natural drip-fed process that search engines like. This proven process gets excellent indexing and increases your overall rankings. Boosting occurs faster, which is why we use both methods.  

Are these backlinks quality sites?

There is a mixture. Some sites get a good deal of traffic, and others only get a trickle. Page rank ranges from PR0-PR5. PR0 is usually newer sites. Our partners are adding sites to the network daily.

Can I order more backlinks for the same site later?

Yes, there are tens of thousands of sites in the network, meaning you could have thousands more websites linking to your site.

Does my website qualify?

Here are some examples of website URLs that will work with Kule Rank.

* Your websites on your domain.
* Custom links that you create at Itsylinx.
* Capture pages that you create at Onyalist.

* Blog links you create at Profit from Free Ads, Sokwall at Sokule, or the Sokule Blog.

* Article links that you can create at FrontPage mail through Kulebuzz.

* Vad links that you create at ViralAds Depot.
* OOT links that you can create at OodlesOfTraffic.

If your link is unique, we can hook it up with backlinks that bring you traffic.

Want to find out if your site qualifies for this excellent buyer traffic? Shoot us your URL through the support desk, and we'll check it out and let you know.

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