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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kule Rank?

Kule Rank is an automatic submission tool that Submits your website to link directory sites that rank under 100,000 on Alexa.

Do I need to be an experienced marketer to use Kule Rank?

NO! Kule Rank is really easy to use. You just enter your website URL, add some keywords that are relevant to your website, add a short description of your site and hit submit. That's it. Your website will get queued to go out to all high ranking directory sites in the database.

How much does Kule Rank cost?

There are 3 membership levels - Pro $47.00, Executive $67.00, and CEO $97.00. These are one time payments. This will give you access to the semi automatic submitter. If you want to use the fully automatic submitter there is a small monthly charge for each level. You can choose that option when you hit order on the sales page or you can pay a one time payment of 297.00 which will give you the CEO level with everything that comes with that level and it is fully automatic with no monthly payments

Is There a Life Time One Time Payment for KR?

Yes You can pay the one time lifetime charge of 297.00 which will give you the CEO membership level, Fully Automated with 4 Bonus Submitters and no monthly payments. You will see that option on the sales page of Kule and in the Members area.

If I promote KuleRank, when will I get paid ?

At KuleRank you get paid every Friday if you have earned any commissions. No more waiting 30, 45, or 60 days to get paid. You can earn up to 118.80 per sale

What is the difference between semi automatic and fully automatic?

If you have a semi automatic account you must enter a captcha code or number for each website you submit and you must do that monthly for each website. If you have a fully automatic account, we fill in the captcha forms for you and we automatically submit your websites for you. You simply set up their website profile one time and we take over from there.

What are the monthly charges for the fully automatic memberships?

Pro level is $5.95 per month, Executive level is $9.95 per month, and CEO level is $19.95 per month. These monthly fees are in addition to the one time payments for each membership level and are based on the number of website's submitted each month. You can opt for a one time payment of 297.00 for the CEO level and that will get you the automatic submission version with no monthly fees at all. It is a lifetime CEO membership with all that comes with the CEO level

How many websites can I promote at one time?

Pro members can promote 10 websites a month. Executive members can promote 25 websites a month. CEO members can promote 100 websites a month. You can have more than one account if you need it.

Can I earn money with Kule Rank?

YES! You can become an affiliate of Kule Rank once you sign up. You will find your affiliate link in the members area when you login. Pro members earn 20% commission, Executive members earn 30% commission, and CEO members earn 40% Commission.

How can I get paid?

You can get paid by PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, or by check. You simply enter your payment information in your profile area of KuleRank and select the way you would like to be paid.

Can I target the audience I want to attract?

YES! When you set up the ad profile for your website you will be asked to select a category. You simply choose the category that best suits your niche or website theme and your website will appear in that category of the directory.

How long does it take to start seeing results?

If you have used any kind of submitters online, classified, directory, SEO etc. then you know that website submissions are an ongoing proposition. You have to submit month after month to build results and get quality backlinks. It is not an overnight story. It takes time and persistence.

What is the best way to use KuleRank?

If you look at any of the top affiliates online, the big money earners, you will see that they promote other sites from their own domain names or blogs and they present them as reviews or endorsements. This is the smartest way to use KuleRank as top level domains are always ranked above others. You can also use unique links that can be generated in our Flagship site Sokule using Sokwall or our KuleSearch site using Kulebuzz or by using a capture page which you can create at Onyalist. You will find all of these resources in the members area of Kule Rank

How can I pay?

Currently you can only pay by credit card. Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover. We will be adding Solid Trust Pay in a few days.

Why Do I Need Two Descriptions Of My Website

When I set up my website profile to submit, it asks me for two descriptions of my website. One is 500 characters and one is 160 characters. Why do I need two? Because some of the sites that Kule Rank submits to will only take the shorter description so we need you to enter two. The good news is that you only need to do this once and that's it. We call it One and Done

Who Owns Kule Rank?

Jane Mark and Phil Basten Own Kule Rank. Together they have been creating advertising sites for online businesses for the past 14 years. They are best known for the popular Social Media site, Sokule and you can read all about them here http://www.sokule.com/about.html For a Full Listing of the sites they have developed, you can view them at http://jammarketinginc.com http://www.sokule.com/about.html

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